24 October, 2010

Skavlan and TEDxNewSt

Last week I appeared on the top chat show for Sweden and Norway. It's called Skavlan after its host, Fredrik Skavlan. I had a great time doing the show and they've now posted it here on the website of Norwegian TV; it'll be up until November 21.

They've edited it, so some of my lists are cut short, and my plea for businesses to take control of the sound they're making has disappeared - but overall it still gets the message across that we all can gain from listeing consciously, and businesses can gain from making sound consciously. I was last on the show, so it might help to know that Norwegian comedienne Anne-Kat had joked that bands have a pecking order for getting girls with the drummer always at the bottom, and that Swedish pop star Håkan Hellström had been talking about being brought up by a child psychiatrist mother.

My TEDx talk on brands and sound has also just gone up on the TEDx YouTube channel here

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  1. It was some really interesting facts you gave us on Skavlan this friday! I'm a teacher in fourth grade and I would like to know more about classroom siutations and sound. It's a complex situation where you're supposed to satisfy 24 diffrent pupils needs in a small classroom. Did you write about this in your book or do you have any ideas about it? Or perhaps you have some suggestions to other books on the topic?


  2. Hi Sofia. I do write about sound in education in my book. It's a major issue. The acoustics in many schools are very poor with long reverberation times and unpleasant reflections due to lack of absorbent surfaces; pupils sitting at the back in a classroom with low Speech Intelligibility may receive only half their education! Music has been used to calm behaviour, and it could also be used to aid quiet concentration, as well as to teach listening skills. I am not aware of anyone who's thoroughly researched this important topic.


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