20 October, 2009

The power of sound

I'm getting lots of fascinating connections since my TED talk went live. One I want to share straight away is an excellent online presentation called The Power Of Sound, created by Bob McCurdy at Clear Channel Radio Sales. It was designed to sell radio as a medium, but it has lots of interest to anyone who cares about sound and how it affects people - and it's beautifully put together with plenty of sound. You can see it for yourself here. Congratulations to Bob and his team for a great job. The message is spreading! Sound matters.

16 October, 2009

Talking sound

I'm delighted and thrilled to see my short TED talk go up on the TED website. I had a very warm response from many people to the talk over the four days at TEDGlobal in Oxford - four days which were a huge highlight of my year - and already there are some great comments on the TED Facebook page. Five minutes is a short time to condense a lot of material into, but I managed not to gabble! I'm now looking forward to a longer stint at the upcoming Audio Branding Congress in Hamburg next month.

The human voice is the most powerful sound on the planet, and I hope to continue to use mine to good effect to transform the sound of the world's business, and thus improve the sound of the world for all of us.