15 July, 2007

Just in TIME

Equalling the excitement of being featured in the hallowed pages of The Economist is not easy, but on July 12 we made TIME Magazine (European edition), including a somewhat metaphorical photo of me by Pal Hansen, taken in my local Gourmet Burger Kitchen. Theunis Bates wrote the piece after we met in Oxford Street and toured some auditory horrors - not hard to do there: if you're in the area I recommend checking out the Swarovski store and any of the mobile phone stores to encounter retail soundscapes that are arbitrary, hostile and incongruous.

Talking of retail, I'm speaking on Monday July 16 at the annual conference of the British Audiovisual Dealers' Association, where I'll be demonstrating to the UK's top hi-fi retailers how sound affects people (physiologically, psychologically, cognitively and behaviourally), as well as outlining our definition of BrandSound™ and how soundscapes can help in their businesses.

Next week I'm visiting New York, where I will have some exciting meetings about further internationalising The Sound Agency. I'll be flying with my trusty Bose QuietComfort 2 headphones - still prefer them to the newer 3 version. Not the ideal time to visit the Big Apple - last time I was there in July it was very hot and sticky - but I'm looking forward to it nevertheless. What would the sonic logo for New York be?