29 May, 2010

Twitter plus filters = scary potential

It's with filters that Twitter starts to show its full potential. For example here are the tweets from the audience in time sequence during my talk at Thinking Digital (#tdc10), and here is a gallery of tweeted pics from the conference as they happened. This is just the tip of the iceberg... one talk at the conference showed how deeper data analysis can reveal a lot more than people think they are: taking every tweet that said 'just landed' and adding the home location created a realtime map of journeys for thousands of tweeters. 

This kind of data mining have massive potential for good, for marketing exploitation (as Facebook are discovering now) and of course for those with ill intent as well. Spamming is irritating but dumb, whereas evil data mining is going to be a major threat. The balance between connectedness and security is one of the two huge challenges facing the new digital world - the other being how to pay for content without restrictive rights. Watching these play out in the next couple of years is going to be fascinating.

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27 May, 2010

Audioboo interview with @documentally at #tdc10

Here's my Audioboo interview with @documentally at Thinking Digital.


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Time for bed - up at 4am for flight back to London after tdc10!

Joined up blogging

After a mind blowing day at Thinking Digital (#tdc10) I have been transformed in my blogging by Christian Payne, or documentally as he's far better known in the blogosphere. A truly lovely bloke, he is a huge Audioboo fan, and by showing me the ropes has helped me finally to break through my boo block and start audio blogging. The boos can be short snippets or go right up to full podcasts, and can even be posted to iTunes. Documentally also introduced me to Posterous, and I have now reviewed and shaken up my whole blogging strategy. Here is how it looks as of this evening:

The large arrows are inputs. I will primarily use Audioboo (for sound of course), Tweetdeck for text tweets, and Posterous for pics and blogs. I have turned off outputs from all the entities in the central column. i can post straight into any of them individually of course. I'll use ping.fm mainly for microblogs because I've got the widget on my Google homepage and it makes that very fast.

I still have to set up an archive for tweets and boos - never thought of that until documentally mentioned it. I will probably set up a second Tumblr for that.
Ok, now all that remains is to test - so this is my first Posterous blog - and send!

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Have redesigned my tweeting, blogging and posting setup thanks to @documentally. Typing this into ping.fm widget on my iGoogle homepage.


Thanks to @stephenfry for introducing me to pownum via Twitter. This is a great initiative - I will start rating places on their soundscapes. I hope many more will do so too. Check it out at http://www.pownum.com/what-is-pownum/ .

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26 May, 2010

#ThinkingDigital 2010 begins

Up here in Newcastle for the next few days for the excellent Thinking Digital conference, where I am speaking tomorrow. I plan to blog in the evenings with some news and views on what looks a fascinating lineup. Met fellow speaker Robert Lang (world origami expert) at the superb speakers' dinner - what a lovely man. We share the stage tomorrow afternoon in a session entitled 'The Evangelists'. And great to reconnect with fellow TED-U prof Tom Wujec, who speaks on Thursday in the 'Business 3.0' session.

What I can report so far is that Newcastle is spectacular. The Rogers-designed Sage building is amazing - can't wait to enter it tomorrow. The food at SIX, on top of the BALTIC, was stunning, as were the views as the sun set (dusk at 2200!) - highly recommended.

My presentation is finally ready after endless tweaks, so it's sleep now and then day one to look forward to.