20 October, 2009

The power of sound

I'm getting lots of fascinating connections since my TED talk went live. One I want to share straight away is an excellent online presentation called The Power Of Sound, created by Bob McCurdy at Clear Channel Radio Sales. It was designed to sell radio as a medium, but it has lots of interest to anyone who cares about sound and how it affects people - and it's beautifully put together with plenty of sound. You can see it for yourself here. Congratulations to Bob and his team for a great job. The message is spreading! Sound matters.


  1. My name is Ivan Collado, from Chile South America; i got fascinated by your awesome Talk in TED (the 4 ways sound affects us). I always have been caught by everything related with sounds, from simply enjoy or play music to ear the void of landscapes of the Andes mountain in my country.
    Listening to you in TED, i felt some of my considerations about effects of sounds in human brain (then behaviors !!!) have been completely caught by your talk...there is a lot to speak and study about, since the wristling arrows of the mongols, described by Marco Polo, to the modern studies of the nazis about sounds effects on the masses, etc.
    It would be interesting to keep a chat about..
    bests regards,

    Ivan Collado
    The Orakul group

  2. I saw Julian's TED talk - Bob the POS is excellent!
    I have very sensitive hearing & people think I'm being overly dramatic when certin types of sounds stress or depress me. The bird songs at work & this information has made me much more hopeful. Thank you,
    Best, Bella Vancouver BC

  3. Loved the talk! I wrote my masters thesis on the power of sound in Shakespeare's stage directions (where it is often ignored by modern theaters), so I was happy to hear somebody putting forward a strong argument that we should pay attention to sound.

    I'm trying to use your TED talk to convince my employer that we should NOT have an open office plan (it makes me feel like I'm working in the middle of a train station), but can't find substantiation for your 66% productivity loss. Can you point me to a study?

  4. Julian, your TED video took my breath away. Literally stunning content and beautifully delivered.

    I've borrowed you for a post on my blog (http://talkaboutspeaking.com/sound-sense-how-sound-affects-us-and-our-listeners/)

    Thank you!
    Best wishes Cordelia Ditton (DillyTalk)

  5. Alisha, the study about productivity in the office is by Banbury and Berry, in 1998. If you Google that you should find it. Good luck!

  6. Cordelia, thanks for the link - great work you are doing. Voice is going to be a big element in the new seminars I am preparing for next year. Let me know if I can help in any way.

  7. I just watched your talk as well, and want to thank you for finally pointing me in the right direction. I thought the other day writing about the rules of design that I have no idea how to translate my understanding of graphic design - specifically stylistic means - into sound design.

    Watching Public Enemies a few days ago (and being utterly bored) I also realised how much influence a good sound design has. Directors have gotten bolder in implementing off-beat camera techniques up to and including using consumer-grade equipment (notably Crank 2) and shaky cams (Battlestar Galactica etc.). What sets a professional production apart is *always* the sound design, even more so than proper lighting (to other people reading this: watch a bunch of samples muted, you'll see what I mean). It's mind-boggling and intrigueing at the same time, and I'm unlikely to even have more than a tangential contact with the subject. I'd really like to learn more, and I'll try and see what else your site can offer me.

    Again, congratulations on a great presentation, and on getting to speak at TED in the first place, which is a great dream of mine. I want to be able to have something worthwhile to contribute to such a distinguished group of people. I have long way to go, but I'm determined I'll get there.

  8. Keep the nice work and thanks a lot for your words in TED!

  9. JULIAN, I'm here to say THANK YOU (1000 times)
    because, i'm a brazilian, graduating in Advertisment, and the subject of my Graduation Work is "Sound and Selling: How can sounds affect consumer's behavior"
    And you're the only one in the world who can help me. I haven't found any book specifically about this. I'd like to invite you to ansewer some questions to enhance my work.
    Would you be available?

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