08 March, 2007

Welcome to the Sound Business blog

This blog will contain posts from me as extensions to the topics covered in my book, Sound Business, which is published on March 21st.

This is my first blog, so forgive any newbie errors - I welcome any tips - and please bear with me as there's a lot of exciting stuff going on around the book launch right now. I am appearing on BBC Working Lunch next week, probably Wednesday, and more media will follow...

Meanwhile there are some other web resources you can check out: I've set up a wikispace for interaction, discussion and file posting, a lens for other forms of interaction like sharing links and voting, and a shop selling merchandise with the slogan 'sound affects!', which I hope will help move us towards the big vision - making the world sound better.

Sound Business also has a central web page with links to all these resources (and to this blog).

The book is about how sound affects people, and how organisations can become conscious about their sound, producing better results by creating appropriate, designed and pleasant soundscapes everywhere from shops and offices to toilets, receptions and websites. It's available here.

I'll be posting lots more here in the very near future... please bookmark and come back!

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