22 March, 2007

Welcome to radio listeners...

I spent some time this afternoon (Thursday) recording some examples of retail and office sound for BBC Radio 5 Live Wake Up To Money and BBC Radio 4 Today Programme. I'll be doing interviews for both in the morning to follow up on the recorded sound. If you're reading this after hearing the programme(s) then wlecome and I hope I got the main points across: that sound affects human beings profoundly, and that business has a huge opportunity if it takes control of its sound and starts to create sounds and soundscapes that are properly designed, appropriate and effective. This is true for branding, marketing, advertising, websites, telephone communication and for physical spaces such as offices, shops and reception areas.

My experience is that when people become conscious about sound after I talk to them, their ears are opened and they can't help but practice active listening. If that's just happened to you through the radio programme, the downside is that you will notice every chiller cabinet and air conditioning unit that you used to suppress - but the upside is that you'll become aware of many wonderful sounds you didn't notice, and that you'll become conscious about your own sound and that of your business, which means you can start to do something about them!

Please do visit the wiki and the lens and contribute content. I look forward to hearing from you.

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