04 June, 2010

The demise of a quiet coffee

First in a series of miniblogs via audioboo about sonic issues in modern life. Here, the unfortunate legacy of the Starbucks 'theatre of coffee' innovation, which has become a universal meme in coffee bars and, very sadly, most restaurants. Why oh why do we have to listen to coffee being made, causing those in the vicinity to bellow over the top of steam pipes and barrista banging? Let's all complain and get those coffee machines back in the kitchen where they belong - and maybe someone will launch a chain of quiet coffee bars where they bring the drinks out on a tray like old English tea rooms used to, so we can all get a bit of peace and quiet.


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  1. Hi
    Your comment during Friday's television program Skavland, decreased efficiency of open plan office. Have you published anything about this topic?

    Regards Knut Tore


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