14 May, 2012

The Sound Agency is seeking an MD elect!

With rapid growth so far this year, it’s time for The Sound Agency to move to the next level. We are looking for a Managing Director elect to take us there. Our market is growing fast, our reputation is second to none, our products and services are innovative and effective, and our clients are a glittering blue chip list. We now need to scale up. This means winning lots of business and laying on the resources to handle it, both in the UK and globally.

Working with our brilliant business coach at Shirlaws, we’ve created a position description. It describes the job in some detail. We are open on the person who will be right for this position, but here are some likely aspects… s/he will probably be all, or at least most, of the following:

  • entrepreneurial, in other words comfortable with high risk and high reward, as we are still small and there are few guarantees: this is not a safe corporate job, which is why the remuneration will be performance-based and will include the possibility of a substantial shareholding
  • interested primarily in ownership and control and building to a trade sale, as opposed to short term income and security
  • bringing experience of channel, franchise and international operations
  • a fine salesperson and motivator
  • oriented toward planning, doing and completing rather than strategising
  • excellent at setting and achieving targets, personally and in a team
  • passionate about sound, or at least music
  • experienced in high level contact with blue chip brands, ideally in a marketing-related conversation.

If this is your first contact with us, have a wander through our website and Google our founder, Julian Treasure and his TED talks for more background. If after looking at the position description you’d like to throw your hat in the ring, call Tracey Hayes on 0845 500 2511 or email tracey.hayes@thesoundagency.com.

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